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About Caleb Birkhoff, LMFT

I'm a San Francisco Bay Area based therapist who offers virtual care (telehealth counseling and psychotherapy online) in my back yard and across California. I strive to meet each individual with empathy, humor, and direct communication that addresses the presenting issue head on. Working collaboratively with you I prioritize taking a supportive role while also working towards a clear goal that we develop together.

I began my therapeutic career working in a private practice setting and quickly realized I saw great value in being able to provide a safe space for individuals, couples, and families to feel heard and supported without judgment. I furthered my therapeutic training in a residential setting, counseling teens and families and later transitioned to Kaiser Permanente’s Addiction Medicine Department where I have become a specialist working with individuals and families suffering with substance use disorders.

I utilize my diverse experience working with individuals, couples, and families in a host of settings to support you with your unique circumstance and needs. I draw from behavioral change models, structural family therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) and exploration of family of origin to help you develop agency in your life and work towards greater life satisfaction.

Caleb Birkhoff, virtual therapist in the SF Bay area

What to Expect

After we schedule a free phone consultation to discuss initiating therapy we'll start the process of getting to know one another and making sure we're a good fit.  The foundation of any successful therapy relationship is goodness of fit. Our first several sessions will be focused on developing some goals for our work together. Periodically I will check in with you to make sure you are feeling heard and that we're working on issues that are important to you.

My Style

As a therapist I'm not going to sit back and make soft "therapy sounds" at you.  I am engaged, ask direct questions, and use humor.  I enjoy collaborating with you to develop and achieve goals.  I will make sure that we have continuity from week to week and be flexible to address things as they come up.  I am on your team, but that doesn't always mean we're going to agree.  I welcome your feedback as we work through the process of growth and change.

If you feel like you'd work well with a therapist who is conversational, direct, and warm, who thinks he's funny (sometimes), I look forward to talking to you.

sf therapist Caleb Birkhoff on psychology today
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