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My Work

As a therapist in San Francisco, I love helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of love, connection, and personal growth. Below is a collection of articles and publications where I've been quoted as an expert, offering insights, advice, and perspectives on a wide range of relationship topics. Whether you're navigating the dating scene, seeking to strengthen your existing relationship, or simply looking for a deeper understanding of human connections, these pieces offer practical guidance and strategies.

Jonathan Davis

Heartwise Advice- From Relation Experts Only, October 25, 2023

Have a first date coming up? Do you want to be prepared when it comes to being able to recognize if there’s chemistry between you and your date? If that’s the case I got you covered. 

Sarah Garone

Everyday Health, October 16th, 2023

Intimidated by dating apps and online dating? Try these therapist-recommended tips to increase your chances of clicking with the right person on dates.

Kurtis Bright

Giddy, September 26, 2023

Slowing things down and being intimate with your partner can make things better—including sex.

Lauren Gray

Best Life, September 22, 2023

Wondering if your partner is a gaslighter? These are the subtle signs of manipulation that you need to know to protect yourself.

Jonathan Davis

Heartwise Advice- From Relation Experts Only, September 5, 2023

First dates are rough. Getting it right is extremely hard. The balance of showing interest without being too desperate is extremely crucial. 

Matt Christensen

Fatherly, June 7, 2023

When couples are stuck in a cycle of constant arguing, this is what therapists suggest to help them break free.

Vanessa Ling

EveryDay Health, April 5, 2023

We spent months researching and testing online therapy platforms. Find out how Brightside, BetterHelp, and Talkspace measured up against the rest.

Vanessa Ling

EveryDay Health, March 2, 2023

Divorce and separation can be hard, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We researched various online therapy platforms to see which ones were best for providing support during this difficult time.

Vanessa Ling

EveryDay Health, March 2, 2023

For couples with busy and conflicting schedules, the logistics of arranging online therapy appointments can be difficult. It isn't always easy or affordable to schedule weekly or monthly in-person appointments. That’s where online marriage counseling and premarital counseling come in.

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