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Individual Therapy

Do you ever feel that your life is in constant motion, and yet, you find yourself standing still, stuck, unable to make a move? There’s that quiet voice of doubt in the back of your mind, questioning if this is even who I want to be.  
You have checked all the boxes for the plan that was laid out in front of you, but now you’re not even sure you were the one who wanted it.
Let’s work together to get to know the private you that you wish everyone else could know.

Indiviual Therapy for Life Transitions

Therapy for Life Transitions

Do you feel stuck, knowing you need to do something, but unsure of what that is? Does the risk of staying the same outweigh the risk of changing? Do you want a more fulfilling life where you can reach your potential? I can help you makes sense of your thoughts and feelings as you attempt to disrupt the typical patterns in your life.  I will support you as you examine your potential changes and put plans into action. I can help you learn to set boundaries as you begin to take care of yourself.

Individual Therapy for young people or professionals

Therapy for Young Professionals

Do you struggle to feel a sense of accomplishment? Do you feel lost or overwhelmed as you attempt to negotiate peers, dating, identity, a job/career, family, or your values? Maybe you've already identified areas that you're struggling with and need someone to talk to.  Asking for help is hard, especially when you've been taught that being independent and self reliant is the gold standard.  I'm here to be the help you don't want to admit you need, but you're searching for.

Individual therapy for substance abuse or addiction

Therapy for Substance Abuse

Do you wonder if your relationship to drugs and/or alcohol is a problem?  Have you been told that you over do it, or that you should quit, or maybe just talk to someone about it?  Substance use or over use does not necessarily equal addiction, but this can be a dangerous pattern in your life that warrants a closer look. Maybe you're familiar with your goals around substances or maybe you need someone to help you make sense of it.  Whether it's recovery or moderation, I can help you re-examine what that relationship means in your life.

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